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SWAP 2012 plan

January 4, 2012

So, I wasn’t planning to do the Stitcher’s Guild SWAP 2012 because I didn’t think I could pull it off and I already have lots of NSOs (Not Started Objects) that I figured I should focus on instead of buying a pile of new fabric and trying madly to make new things.

* A non started object is one in which I have been inspired to buy fabric and a pattern – maybe even buttons or zippers as well – but that’s as far as it’s gotten. They aren’t unfinished, I haven’t even started them.

…but then I crept over and read the rules: choose 7 different types of garment to make. Make 4 of them twice, either using the same pattern or a different one.

Since I know I need to spend more time working on fitting patterns and building some go-to patterns, this year’s SWAP is doable for me. It will also allow me to work through my stash and NSO pile.

Here’s the Stash Busting NSO Plan

Clothing Item 1. Trousers: Vogue 1051 ( done twice, once in brown, once in black)
Clothing Item 2. Button Down shirt with collar: McCalls 6122 NSO
Clothing Item 3. Dress: Butterick 5211 (done twice, once View B NSO and once modelled on the DvF dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge last spring NSO)
Clothing Item 4: Blouse McCalls 5661 (done twice, once short sleeved, once long sleeved NSO)
Clothing Item 5: Suit Coat twice, Simplicity 4014 in black NSO and Vogue 8543 in white
Clothing Item 6: T-shirt McCalls 6078 NSO
Clothing Item 7: Skirt Vogue 7397

Item 7 is already made. I am allowed to have one that is. It was the last thing I sewed before we moved and I will blog it soon.

As you can see, many of these items are NSOs so if I can get this SWAP done I will be finally close to up to date on my sewing.

If I have it worked out right, I may not need to buy any fabric at all – well maybe some lining and interfacing.

Here goes nothing.


Semi formal

September 12, 2011

Weddings tend to be preceded by showers and bachelorette parties and this summer I managed to be invited to a couple of both. One involved wearing yoga pants and then going out on the town so  I wanted a top I could do both with. Burda 7866 seemed to fit the bill. I tried something different with it by gathering the waist panel so it would be more, ahem,  forgiving to my waist which has thickened up a bit with the work related stress I’ve been dealing with lately. 

I used a blue cotton jersey that is very comfortable and drapes nicely.

The pencil skirt is my third version of Vogue 7937. I used fabric I had left over from a skirt I made years ago. It’s a “mixed fibres” fabric that has the tiniest bit of stretch in it so it clings a bit.

The whole outfit is really comfortable and looks nice. Expect more versions of both of these patterns in the future.


Denim pencil skirt

October 11, 2010

As I mentioned in my post about jeans, I made a denim skirt for myself that became a staple of my summer wardrobe. I made it just after finishing the Poor Decisions dress and I wore it to the second show we went to in Stratford.
Since then, I’ve worn it on several occasions and will hopefully be able to wear it during the winter, with tights, as well.

It’s wrinkly in this picture because I’ve worn it a lot :).

I love wearing dark denim. I love the way it can be casual and professional at the same time. I bought a long mermaid style denim skirt years ago but this is the first time I’ve had a denim pencil skirt since  I was a kid.

I used Vogue 7937, my new go to pattern for all things pencil skirt related. I love the way the pattern is cut. It works well for my body without a lot of tailoring.

And it looks great from the back too…


Inspired by film

September 8, 2010

I have not been doing much sewing lately. For the past week my apartment has been full of guests and a kitten we inherited when my husband’s grandfather passed away. More about the cat later except to say that his presence has done wonders for Lavender who seems happy to  have someone to play with…until she gets fed up and takes a swipe at him.

My time has been taken up with relatives and I’ve been sleeping in the sewing room on a futon that takes up most of the floor space so sewing has been difficult.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been inspired to sew however.

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to watch The Great Debaters on tv while I was sewing a dress I have yet to photograph (must buy tripod). I found it to be a really well done movie and I could not stop thinking about the costumes, particularly what Samantha wore.

I loved the colours…

and the details on this jumper (my mother’s terminology, what would you call it?)…

and this vest/corset top…

And I basically already have a plan for making this skirt.

It won’t be in those colours as yellow tones are not nearly as flattering on me as they are on Jurnee Smollet, and it probably won’t be plaid either, but the buttons are a must.

If I manage it, it will be my third use of Vogue 7937 which is quickly becoming one of my favourite skirt patterns…never really thought I’d be a pencil skirt girl but I seem to be liking them.

So my internal style nomad seems to have wandered to the 1930’s and intends add a stylized touch of it to my wardrobe.


I :heart: gabardine

February 4, 2010

So I was originally planning to make my Vogue 7937 skirt out of the same red silk as the sleeveless button feature blouse, but I ran out of fabric so I turn instead to the grey wool gabardine that is fast becoming the base fabric for my SWAP. This does not bother me as I seem to be falling in love with gabardine. I love its structure and warmth and how easy it seems to be to work with… thus far. I’m also looking forward to wearing more wool at work because my office is freezing cold and the added warmth of the fabric more than makes up for the shock I will get every time I touch a door knob.

grey gabardine skirt

This is the skirt. Because I have short legs and large muscular thighs (and calves) I tend to make my skirts either knee length or ankle length. Anything else cuts me off and makes me look stockier than I am.

The only real change I made to the pattern was to alter it to sit on my hips rather than at my real waist. This is partly because I prefer to wear pants and skirts on my hips and partly because I forgot that all patterns are designed for people with longer legs than I have. When I first tried the skirt on, it ended halfway to my ankles and that was not a good look for me… or for the skirt.back of skirt

 I made View C which is one of the versions that flares out around the knees at the back, and this is my favourite part of the skirt. I like the way it follows my curves (they’ve gotta be good for something) and adds a little bit of sex appeal to what is otherwise a simple, modest, pencil skirt. It should work just fine with any of the SWAP tops as well as with most of the tops and sweaters currently in my wardrobe.

skirt lining

I lined the skirt with some of the silk I received in a mystery silk bundle from Fabricmart. While I loved the colours when I received the bundle, I had no real idea what to do with this one, there wasn’t much of it and I’m just not daring enough to wear anything that is covered in corks as this fabric is… but I love it as a lining.

On a note unrelated to sewing, we have found a new apartment and are moving in slowly over the course of the next month. I shall miss my 21st floor view but I’m looking forward to a shorter commute to work and a less intrusive landlord. Hopefully, once we’ve moved in, I will have more time for sewing… and hopefully we won’t have to move again soon. It’s difficult to be nomadic when you have a swiftly growing stash.