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The $3 Dress

August 7, 2012

I went to a wedding last week. The invitation said it was to be a casual sort of wedding but a dress still seemed appropriate as some of the other people I know who are going indicated they plan to wear sundresses. So I started looking around for sundress inspiration.

I really like this summer’s chiffon trend. I’ve always loved the wonder that is the chiffon overlay and when something I like is actually in style it seems like the perfect time to go for it.
After poking around online and doing some window shopping, I decided that the dress that seemed to hit the spot between chiffony stylish and cute/casual was Vogue 1178

It’s a two tiered chiffon wrap dress with short sleeves. I decided that I could make it a bit more casual by omitting the sleeves entirely. I also realized that I didn’t need to buy this particular pattern in order to make the same basic dress – sorry Anna Sui, and Vogue.

You see last summer, I  made myself a wrap dress that I still need to blog about and I used McCalls 6024 to do it.

Looks like the same basic shape to me.

From my stash I pulled some purple chiffon that was left over from the lining of the ill thought out version of Vogue 1223 I made last summer and I also decided to use some chiffon I bought at Value Village a few weeks ago when I decided that I wanted to be a little bit on trend and sew with chiffon. I believe the piece I chose started life as a dupatta.

These are the two different fabrics.

I decided the dupatta would serve as the top layer of the skirt and the bodice. The more sheer piece would be the bottom layer and the ruffle. The more sheer piece also has metallic strands in it that I hoped would catch the light through the top layer.

I modified the pattern by doing a semi FBA and removing the darts from the skirt. I wanted a slightly fuller skirt so I expanded the skirt pieces as much as I could within the fabric width and gathered it instead. I used the bottom layer to cover the arm seams since I omitted sleeves from the pattern.

 I call this the $3.00 dress because everything was from  my stash except for the dupatta which was $1.99 + tax.
I love it when sewing actually does save me money.

Here I am, all ready to go