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SWAP in Review #5: Grey Gabardine Pants

May 21, 2010

My office is cold. It’s a basement in a building from the sixties with a poor air temperature control system. Since my SWAP was all about winter work clothes, wool pants seemed like a good idea.

Last year I attempted to make Vogue 1053 as an interview suit. The result was not so impressive. The blazer was a bit of a wadder. Really, it’s not the greatest style for my torso. The pseudo vest sits too low on my frame. I loved the way the pants turned out but then I went and dropped 20 lbs so they were suddenly much too big and had to be passed on to Goodwill. I  missed them so I made them again for this SWAP. They’re simple enough: fly zip closure, pockets. They have buttoned belt loops and I lined them so they’re warm and comfy.

here they are on their own:

And here they are with the vest and lacy shirt:

The only problem with them is that I’m always getting a static shock from the office doorknob.