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Poor Decisions dress makes good

July 5, 2010

Well, first of all,  the weekend was fantastic. We saw two terrific plays: Peter Pan and The Tempest. I highly recommend both of them to anyone who has a shot at making it to Stratford Ontario between now and the end of October.

Secondly, the dress performed admirably as well. It was different from anything else I saw on the streets and a waitress complimented me on it. I still need to tighten up the top a little but otherwise I’d say this dress was a succcess at last.

Here is the dress. I’m outside City Hall after dinner. I’m glad I was able to find broadcloth that matched the blue on  the fabric because I really like the way it turned out. the midsection of the back part of the dress matches the sash as well.

And here it is flared out.I’m not sure if it would turn out this way using the skirt pieces that came with the pattern, but I’m really happy with this version. It’s light and airy since it’s made of cotton. It also flows and spins. I kind of wish we’d gone out dancing, but I think we’ll need some dance classes before we do that.

The dress is a keeper.


Stratford wardrobe complete

July 3, 2010

Well I finally finished the Poor Decisions dress. It was a challenge and it seemed to torture and mock me at every turn. It was too loose, and too long. Then the waist sections didn’t match up at the front and back. Oh, and then there was the moment I realized I’d put the zipper in backwards.

But it’s finally done. It’s one of the more complex dresses I’ve made for myself lately. It has more pieces and more fitting involved than some of the other stuff I’ve made.

I plan to wear it and a skirt I finished recently to the theatre today and tomorrow.

I am going here:

Last weekend I was carefully avoiding my city because it was full of world leaders, fences, and pumped up police expecting trouble. This weekend we’re off to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Hopefully there will be photos next week.