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Covering Pillows

February 7, 2013

My brother and sister-in-law bought a new couch recently and I offered to cover pillows for them.

My sister-in-law provided the supplies and I figured out a way to work without a pattern. It’s not the most scientific method, but it seems to have worked and I didn’t need to take a trip to buy a pillow cover pattern.
DSC04977Because pillows are thick, I knew I had to account for their width when establishing the dimensions I needed. Luckily, these pillows were not oddly shaped so this was easily accomplished
I rolled the pillow to each edge on the fabric and marked the touch down points with pins.
DSC04978I cut along the pins to make a large square. This was for the front side of the pillow. I then cut a piece that was 3/4 the length of the square but the same width and another piece that was about 1/2 the length of the square. These pieces were for the back where the opening to insert the pillow would be.

I folded down and hemmed a section of each small piece. I used a zig zag stitch to make it a little bit decorative.
DSC04980Then I layered the two back pieces on top of the front piece so the shorter piece would be on the inside when the pillow sham was turned right side out and I serged the whole thing together.
DSC04975Of course sergers leave long lines of serged thread at the end. My serger class taught me to finish serger seams by threading the excess thread into a needle and weaving it back into the serged seam.
Because there are four strands of thread braided together, the piece is too big for the eye of a standard needle. I use a darning needle and thread the excess back through the actual stitch rows rather than the loops.
DSC04981Once done, I turned the shams right side out and stuffed the plain pillows inside.
DSC04984The finished product.


A dress for a wedding

February 3, 2013

Last summer, my sister asked me to sew her a dress for a wedding she was going to. She chose McCalls 6557 and some cream cotten eyelet with navy blue accents.

I made a muslin with a little bit of help…

Once I made the muslin, my sister came over for a fitting so I could do the necessary alterations.

Here is how the dress turned out.

From the front
from the back

She says the dress was very comfortable to wear.


Bowing Out Gracefully

April 25, 2011

Okay, I am now officially stating that I will not meet the deadline for SWAP 2011. There’s just been too much going on im my life lately with my new job and its related problems and challenges. I still intend to finish the items in the plan but it will not happen by the end of this week (I still have a blouse, two dresses, a blazer, and a pair of pants to go).

Instead I’m going to focus on my trench coat from last summer and the skirt that I’m making for my sister for her upcoming trip to Trinidad – that’s after I finish the final touches on my Vogue 8701 dress.

At  least that’s the plan for this week.