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The Royal Wedding Dress

April 29, 2011

Well, I’ve spent a fair bit of time sewing this week and I usually watch fluffy TV or costume films while I sew. This week this meant I was pretty much bombarded with royal wedding talk. It was everywhere. There were shows about the royal tiara collection, predictions about Kate (now the Duchess of Cambridge)’s dress, jewellery, hair and about the food they’ll be serving after the ceremony.

While I’m not a hard core monarchist, I don’t particularly mind the monarchy existing over there in England. I’m okay with the queen being on my money – if nothing else it prevents years of argument over who we should have instead – and I don’t mind it as part of my country’s heritage.

 I’ve long had a soft spot for Prince William – he’s a month to the day younger than I am – and I have admired this couple because they just seem to like being with eachother and that is lovely to see. So, after a week of indoctrination, I got up early this morning to watch all the fancy people arrive at the fancy church and then went back to bed for an hour once the ceremony started.

I must say that the dress predictions were all wrong. The predictions were that she would wear something sleek and modern, possibly mermaid style, not strapless but possibly sleeveless.

Certainly not this:

The bridal gown was remarkably old fashioned (or retro if you prefer) with the full length sleeves and flared skirt. There were many predictions that whatever gown she wore would quickly become the most copied dress in the world. If it does, it could signal an interesting shift back to far more modest wedding dresses because this dress looks much different from the ones you see on Say Yes to the Dress or any of the myriad other wedding shows out there.

I thought she wore it beautifully, though. I am partial to lace on wedding dresses myself and I thought it looked appropriately regal without being just too much.

It actually reminded me of this dress:

They share a neckline and basic train length as well as the carefully fitted bodice, pearl button sleeves and the simplicity of style.

It was funny that in searching for an image of this dress, I found several blogs in which the authors describe Maria von Trapp’s dress as their dream gown. Perhaps the new Duchess of Cambridge shared that dream.

Congratulations to them!