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OT Weekends: the fleetingness of good bubble tea

May 29, 2010

I am a foodie. I am a foodie married to a foodie so together we’re kind of scary. On multiple occasions we have caught ourselves sitting at one restaurant raving about the food only to start raving about other good food we’ve had and what good food we should have soon.

We also have a deep love for bubble tea and much prefer going out for bubble tea on a saturday night to going to a bar even though the J-Pop commonly heard in bubble tea shops isn’t quite to either of our music tastes.

So when we moved to our new place, we were very excited to discover a classy looking little place a few blocks away that served bubble tea and pan asian cuisine including some fairly decent sushi.  The tea was excellent with the pearls hydrated perfectly: not too chewy and not frozen like I’ve experienced on unpleasant occasions in the past. They even had a  high quality chocolate milk tea that I have yet to find elsewhere in this city.

The place was called Soban which according to the results of a google search is classical Chinese for “a small table.” I suppose this makes sense as it seemed like a good place for a small meal or a snack… or just bubble tea.

We finally had a late night place to go in this city and I felt the most at home I have felt since moving here. We began  to bring friends to this place and raved about it to others, inviting them to come soon.

Well, when we came back from our trip on  the weekend, we arrived in town late and decided to go to our little corner bubble tea place.

….Only to find that, without any warning, the place was dark and the name sign was gone. There was a note on the window that I could not read but the one that I could indicated that a Crazy Wings would be opening soon.

Now I don’t have anything against wings. I know they’re quite popular and I’ve even enjoyed them in the past… but right now I am too saddened by the loss of my bubble tea place to consider giving it a try.

When you want bubble tea, the best wings in the world aren’t going to quench that desire. So the quest has begun for a new late night hang out. I will let you know when I find it.