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One down, 10 to go

January 30, 2010

I have finished my first shirt for the SWAP.

It’s my button feature and its reconstructed from a much too big silk dress I bought from a thrift store two years ago.

Here is the original dress
red silk dress

It came with a short sleeved over-blouse which I’m hoping to cut down for myself in the future.

This dress is definitely not quite my style but half the time I look at the clothes I see as fabric with potential rather than finished items anyway.

What amazed me most about the reconstruction process is how much fabric gets lost when using a previously made garment as fabric for a new pattern. I had originally hoped to get both a top and a skirt out of this dress and if the patterns I’d wanted to use had been less ambitious, I might have managed. As it was though, after I cut out the pieces for the top, I was left with a single square of fabric that I might be able to make a headscarf or handkerchief out of… if that. So I’m making the skirt out of grey gabardine instead.

blouse front

This is the remarkably small blouse that came out of that large dress. My main challenge with this item is that I required modifications for my generous chest, which, when it comes to sewing is far more of a curse than a blessing. I’m still working on my abilities when it comes to doing a full bust adjustment. I find I tend to overdo it and everything puckers in all the wrong places, so I need to continus practising it.

Of course, it doesn’t help that I keep trying to do it with slippery, unforgiving silks either… but they’re so pretty.

blouse back with buttons

As I said, this  piece is my button feature so here is a back view. It does up with buttons up the back. The original pattern called for a zipper but, on top of resizing it from a 6-8-10 pattern to a 16, I also changed the back to allow for buttonholes.

Here’s a close up of the buttons. I like the way they glow.

buttons close up

The grey skirt is next on the list. Then I will tackle pants for awhile before returning to the tops.