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Flowy kimono top.

October 13, 2010

I have a long standing love affair with flowing fabric. Sometimes I think I must live in  the wrong country or time period because we don’t really do the flowing fabric thing in my part of the world these days.

I try not to let this stop me though.

This is another kimono blouse made from McCalls 5233 (now oop) which is the pattern I used for the Montreal kimono blouse. This time, I  made view A sleeves which are wide and open from the elbow down. It does not make for the most practical shirt I’ve ever owned, but I enjoy it just the same.

Because I used chiffon fabric to make this blouse, I decided this was an opportunity to use french seams which I recently learned how to do. Even though it takes longer to do them, I think they create a nicer finish than my serger does so I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to them.

I’ve worn this a few times and received compliments.


Ooh new tools

July 26, 2010

What’s this? It’s my new, full size ironing board. Since I’ve been nomadic of late, I haven’t had one because they’re big and take up space we generally haven’t had. But now that I have it I remember how much I love having it.

I no longer have to worry about knocking my iron off my low level board and burning my elbows ( I have scars).

I can work with fewer bad posture pains between my shoulder blades.

And it gets better…

You see, I don’t have a cutting table. Because of space limitations, I cut on the floor: a cardinal sewing sin I’ve been told (I know many a writer and philosopher has debated the nature of a sin that is also a necessity)… but I digress.

Because I don’t have a cutting table, I don’t have a space to do a lot of pinning and other minor tasks. I’ve been doing them on the floor or in my lap. But my favourite place to do them is a fully extended ironing board and now I get to do that!

It’s very exciting.

Oh, and the project on that ironing board?: a new kimono top from McCalls 5233 pattern. I tried it on briefly and liked what I saw but the hems still need finishing.

I’ve actually finished several projects recently but have not managed to get myself and my photographer together to photograph them.

Hopefully soon because I have certainly not been twiddling my thumbs.