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SWAP in Review #6: The Dress

May 27, 2010

My choice entry was a jumper style dress that I really loved making and the results of which I’m quite proud. The pattern I used was Kwik Sew 3576 which was a bit of a trick for me to track down as I discovered to my dismay that my local fabric retailer does not carry Kwik Sew patterns. I really liked the dress when I saw it because of the belt on the hips. I thought it went along with the theme of my SWAP fairly well since I intended to pair it with my lace top as shown in the picture

I bought the fabric right near the end of my SWAP process when I noticed that the stripe pattern reminded me of a calico apron I wore when I worked in an historic village one summer. I am naturally drawn to things historical and Victorian so I leapt on  the fabric. It’s a stretch woven so I needed to do some extra fitting to ensure it was flattering. 

I cut the pockets diagonal to the grain because I thought it would add a bit more whimsy to the look. I also chose to do the belt in black instead of the dress fabric  because I felt like I needed something to break up the stripes.

It was the last outfit I completed for the SWAP and it’s the one I’m the happiest with.