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Adventures in RTW

February 24, 2012

Okay, so I’m thoroughly behind in my sewing. The time just hasn’t been there to sit in front of my machine for a few hours and churn out some good stuff. This meant that I needed to go clothes shopping to buy a simple black pencil skirt instead of whipping up another version of my favorite Vogue 7937.

So, yesterday between work and Brownies, I found myself in Smart Set scoping out their pencil skirts. Hitting the dressing room turned into a reminder of something I do my best to keep in mind whenever I shop.

Clothing can be poorly designed, proportioned and constructed. People cannot.

It can be so easy to feel bad about yourself when standing under the glaring lights of a change room noticing the ways an item of clothing pulls or gaps. It helps to remember that clothes are supposed to be designed to fit humans, humans are not to be designed and tailored to fit clothes.

I was able to get the skirt I needed but I was really hoping to buy another one instead. That one, however had an odd construction/fit issue.

It was a grey high waisted skirt with a narrow belt and in my usual size, it had lots of wiggle action going on. I loved the slight pin-up feel I was getting. I wanted to stand in doorways and ask people if they knew how to whistle:

…and then I turned around.

The back side of the skirt had an odd fabric bulge just before the middle seam split at the bottom of the skirt. I tugged and pulled at it and couldn’t get it to go away. Eventually I realized that while the fashion fabric had some lycra in it that helped with the wiggle look I was rockin’, the lining had no stretch so while the fashion fabric was perfectly capable of accommodating my curvy behind, the lining was pulling up from the bottom to do so.

Yes, I could have bought it anyway and taken it home to fix but I knew I wouldn’t have time for that, so I bought another skirt and have added high-waist wiggle skirt to my to sew list.


Inspired by film

September 8, 2010

I have not been doing much sewing lately. For the past week my apartment has been full of guests and a kitten we inherited when my husband’s grandfather passed away. More about the cat later except to say that his presence has done wonders for Lavender who seems happy to  have someone to play with…until she gets fed up and takes a swipe at him.

My time has been taken up with relatives and I’ve been sleeping in the sewing room on a futon that takes up most of the floor space so sewing has been difficult.

This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been inspired to sew however.

Awhile back, I had the opportunity to watch The Great Debaters on tv while I was sewing a dress I have yet to photograph (must buy tripod). I found it to be a really well done movie and I could not stop thinking about the costumes, particularly what Samantha wore.

I loved the colours…

and the details on this jumper (my mother’s terminology, what would you call it?)…

and this vest/corset top…

And I basically already have a plan for making this skirt.

It won’t be in those colours as yellow tones are not nearly as flattering on me as they are on Jurnee Smollet, and it probably won’t be plaid either, but the buttons are a must.

If I manage it, it will be my third use of Vogue 7937 which is quickly becoming one of my favourite skirt patterns…never really thought I’d be a pencil skirt girl but I seem to be liking them.

So my internal style nomad seems to have wandered to the 1930’s and intends add a stylized touch of it to my wardrobe.