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School’s out for the summer

May 5, 2010

I had been intending to take a sewing course this summer. My local community college offers continuing education night classes in garment construction and pattern making. The prerequisite for all of them is a basic garment construction/introduction to industrial machines. It’s the sort of course I could probably avoid with a prior learning assessment except I’ve pretty much never used an industrial machine.  Also, being self taught, I likely have a plethora of really bad habits to overcome so I figured the course would be good for me even if I have cut fabric on the selvage to make a shirt and skirt before.

Sadly, not enough people want to spend their next three months worth of Monday nights sitting in front of industrial sewing machines while the summer sun burns well into the evening before dipping below the horizon around the same time the class lets out, so the class has been cancelled.

The Saturday one is still open, but even I would rather spend my summer Saturdays doing something other than prescribed sewing.

The official learning will have to wait for fall then.

In the mean time, I get to return to my roots and sew a costume!