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SWAP Review #1: McCalls 6078

August 12, 2012

So, despite my best intentions, I was not able to enter this year’s SWAP contest at Stitcher’s Guild. I got most of the sewing done, with some modifications to the plan but promptly got sick and wasn’t able to finish taking photos in time to submit them.

I still want to work through the items I made though. This year’s SWAP involved creating two iterations of the same article of clothing or even the same pattern when possible for several items and then creating a few other items as well.

The first item I worked with was a knit shirt/T-shirt. For this, I made two versions of McCalls 6078

For the first shirt, I used Version A, which involved a remarkable amount of fabric for a simple knit top. I had a bit of trouble fitting it around my shoulders so it would keep from sliding around (and off) my shoulders. I also worried a bit about it exposing my bra strap.

Here is  the shirt:
If I were to make it again, I think I would combine the concept of this shirt with Burda 7866 which I made last summer and give the shirt and empire waistline with a ruched lower panel. I am hoping to try this soon.

For the other knit shirt, I made version B and found that the full back made the shirt much easier to fit. For this shirt, I dipped into my stash and found some old sparkly silver fabric that I bought about 10 years ago and held back on using it until I found something good enough. I still have plenty left to make the flashy tango dress I would love  to have someday when I learn to tango but I decided, for realism sake, to use some of the fabric to make a sparkly shirt.

I think it turned out pretty well.  I really like the drape of the neckline and I think the weight of the fabric I chose worked well.

The sparkly fabric is slightly sheer so I lined the front of it with some thin black tricot I bought in Japan to keep from feeling self conscious about it.


Semi formal

September 12, 2011

Weddings tend to be preceded by showers and bachelorette parties and this summer I managed to be invited to a couple of both. One involved wearing yoga pants and then going out on the town so  I wanted a top I could do both with. Burda 7866 seemed to fit the bill. I tried something different with it by gathering the waist panel so it would be more, ahem,  forgiving to my waist which has thickened up a bit with the work related stress I’ve been dealing with lately. 

I used a blue cotton jersey that is very comfortable and drapes nicely.

The pencil skirt is my third version of Vogue 7937. I used fabric I had left over from a skirt I made years ago. It’s a “mixed fibres” fabric that has the tiniest bit of stretch in it so it clings a bit.

The whole outfit is really comfortable and looks nice. Expect more versions of both of these patterns in the future.