SWAP Review #3: Pants

September 12, 2012

So, despite my best intentions, I was not able to enter this year’s SWAP contest at Stitcher’s Guild. I got most of the sewing done, with some modifications to the plan but promptly got sick and wasn’t able to finish taking photos in time to submit them.

I still want to work through the items I made though. This year’s SWAP involved creating two iterations of the same article of clothing or even the same pattern when possible for several items and then creating a few other items as well.

I managed to make one pair of pants of the two I originally planned to make. For this I returned to one of my favourite patterns: Vogue 1051 – The Alice and Olivia dress pants.

I’ve made these pants before in black and grey so it was time to make them in white – a brown version is planned for the future.

One thing I did differently with this version was to leave some extra length below the knee because I had bought a new pair of heels that are higher than any of my other shoes so I made these pants the appropriate length for those shoes.

One comment

  1. […] I didn’t actually enter but some of the items I made have become wardrobe standards like the white pants which I wore all summer long with the highest pair of heels I’ve ever owned, and the floral […]

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