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SWAP 2012 plan

January 4, 2012

So, I wasn’t planning to do the Stitcher’s Guild SWAP 2012 because I didn’t think I could pull it off and I already have lots of NSOs (Not Started Objects) that I figured I should focus on instead of buying a pile of new fabric and trying madly to make new things.

* A non started object is one in which I have been inspired to buy fabric and a pattern – maybe even buttons or zippers as well – but that’s as far as it’s gotten. They aren’t unfinished, I haven’t even started them.

…but then I crept over and read the rules: choose 7 different types of garment to make. Make 4 of them twice, either using the same pattern or a different one.

Since I know I need to spend more time working on fitting patterns and building some go-to patterns, this year’s SWAP is doable for me. It will also allow me to work through my stash and NSO pile.

Here’s the Stash Busting NSO Plan

Clothing Item 1. Trousers: Vogue 1051 ( done twice, once in brown, once in black)
Clothing Item 2. Button Down shirt with collar: McCalls 6122 NSO
Clothing Item 3. Dress: Butterick 5211 (done twice, once View B NSO and once modelled on the DvF dress worn by the Duchess of Cambridge last spring NSO)
Clothing Item 4: Blouse McCalls 5661 (done twice, once short sleeved, once long sleeved NSO)
Clothing Item 5: Suit Coat twice, Simplicity 4014 in black NSO and Vogue 8543 in white
Clothing Item 6: T-shirt McCalls 6078 NSO
Clothing Item 7: Skirt Vogue 7397

Item 7 is already made. I am allowed to have one that is. It was the last thing I sewed before we moved and I will blog it soon.

As you can see, many of these items are NSOs so if I can get this SWAP done I will be finally close to up to date on my sewing.

If I have it worked out right, I may not need to buy any fabric at all – well maybe some lining and interfacing.

Here goes nothing.


Another year has flown by.

January 1, 2012

So 2011 was a pretty crazy year for me and I did not get as much sewing done as I wanted to. More and more of my wardrobe is made by me though. I often find that a couple of times a week, I am wearing at least one article of clothing that I have made, and I enjoy that a lot. Sometimes I forget that I made something I’m wearing and I enjoy that even more.

As you can see, I have disappeared over the past few months. That’s pretty much entirely due to the fact that we went out and bought one of these:

and we moved in just over a month ago. So from early October until a few weeks ago, my sewing room looked like some variation on this:

I did have the overly ambitious idea of sewing a dress for Christmas and I got the room cleaned up to start on that but then we were also hosting Christmas so the dress did not get finished. I think it is doomed to languish as a UFO for awhile unless we do something special for Valentine’s Day.

In general, this whole house buying experience – on top of my still crazy job – has meant I had to let most of my sewing goals fall by the wayside.

Here they are as detailed in my New Year’s 2011 post:

1. Get my sewing area organized.  Well I did manage this one, twice actually. I got it pretty well together in the old apartment and I think it now looks pretty good in the house:

I would say this one is ACCOMPLISHED!

2. Finish the Tops SWAP – ideally on time I came so close with this one but I did not finish it. I definitely wasn’t done on time but I did get a whole lot of items sewn that would qualify as part of it. My plan was to do 6 tops, 2 dresses, 2 bottoms and a wildcard.

I completed 4 tops with the requisite “new skill” requirement that weren’t complete wadders:
McCalls 5662 – I called it a  wadder but I’ve been wearing it so it’s not too bad
McCalls 5661 – I really like this pattern and plan to us it again
Butterick 4395 OOP
Rachel Comey Blouse (Vogue 1170)  – I think this was one of my favourite accomplishments this year.

I managed 2 bottoms.  I have blogged one: McCalls 5429. The other, I wasn’t completely satisfied with but I have been wearing the pants anyway. It’s another version of Vogue 1051, everyone’s favourite Alice and Olivia pants

I also managed two dresses with invisible zippers and hard to fit bodices. I’m not so thrilled with the fit of either:
Vogue 8701
Vogue 1223

 I could have  considered myself finished it this year if I had completed the wildcard blazer. Oh well, better luck next year.

3. Make 3 items for my husband. Also did not happen. I did make him a tie that I still need to blog about. As for the rest. I went out to the Bay and bought him som shirts. It goes back on the list for next year – or maybe the year after.

4.Finish the Trench Sew Along. Ha! No. I got the sleeves on and the shoulder pads in place, but the rest of it is not there yet. I think I will look at it again in March when the weather around here is more trench coat conducive.

5.Take a sewing course/workshop. No, I wanted to but time would not allow. Goes back on the list.

6.Make Hallowe’en costumes. We were so busy packing that we completely ignored Hallowe’en this year. But now we’re in a neighbourhood full of kids so Hallowe’en is back on the agenda.

Hmm…1 out of 6 is pretty horrible.

Let’s see what I can manage in 2012.

Since we just bought a house I am going to try not to spend too much money on fabric for awhile so stash busting is definitely part of the plan. My stash isn’t huge but it does exist and I would like to work my way through some of it.

1. SWAP 2012. I pretty much figured I wouldn’t be able to do it this year since I couldn’t manage it last year but then I read the rules and realized that I wouldn’t have to deviate much from the projects already on my list, so I am going to participate. I will describe my plan soon

2. Trench coat. It’s time to get this trench done before they are completely out of style. I want to finish it in March so I can wear it in April.

3. Complete some other online challenge. It could be something else on Stitchers Guild or elsewhere.

4. Comment on Sewing blogs. I follow plenty of sewing and fashion blogs and I am a total lurker. I need to delurk myself this year.

5. Read Costuming books. Last year a volunteer at my workplace passed away and left me all his costuming and fashion history books. I need to read them. I will try to blog about them

There are other things I would like to do but these are the 5 goals I will focus on accomplishing.

Happy New Year!