Like my wedding dress, only better

August 27, 2011

I love the pattern I used for my wedding dress: McCalls 4444 ; but even though it’s just a sundress, I have yet to feel comfortable wearing the dress again. It’s white and lacy enough that it’s a giveaway.


So I decided to make another version but this time I wanted to pay more attention to fitting the bodice. I usually have trouble wearing a sweetheart neckline because the fabric alloted to the bust is never enough to adequately cover my breasts. I mean it’s not obscene for me to wear storebought dresses like that but it’s generally a whole lot more skin than I like showing and I look like I’m poured in to the dress in question.

So this time around I played with the “cup size” until I felt like the bodice actually covered me and I didn’t look so much like I was poured into the dress. It was a really exciting feeling to put on a dress that actually seemed to fit my chest. It’s still a little low but that’s because the dress design is a little low cut not because it doesn’t fit.

I also altered the back of the dress by extending the halter straps so that instead of buttoning the short ends under the neck, I can tie them in a bow and let the ends hang decoratively down my back.

See, pretty strap ends.


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