Badgley Mischka part 1

August 18, 2011

We’ve had a wedding filled summer this year (and that’s not including the royal wedding :P). We’ve gone to three weddings since May and while my plan had been to make one dress and wear it to all three, but I didn’t really like the first dress so I wound up wearing something different to each one.

Vogue 1154 seemed like a good challenge to take on. I’ve only tried a Vogue Advanced pattern once before and it was a bit of a disaster so I was nervous about trying it again. I always find Vogue directions to be just a little bit vague. Sometimes I feel like they are a secret family recipe that they shared but made a few changes to so it will never be quite as good as their version.

I checked out PatternReview and read up on the beautiful version made by the fabulous Erica B and the lovely pink version made by Ann at Sew Baby.

Both sewists gave me tips and reassurance that I used to formulate my plan.

 Since Erica didn’t make the jacket, Ann indicated that it was hard to fit when she did and I don’t need to make my shoulders look bigger, I decided to skip the jacket. Erica used steel boning so I thought I’d take a shot at it too.

I found some fabric that I’m pretty sure used to be a dupatta at a thrift store on sale and then bought some tafetta for the lining.

Here are my supplies, all ready to go:


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