SWAP 2011: wadder count 2

March 14, 2011

Okay, this one isn’t quite as bad as Butterick 5354 was. I’ve actually worn it a couple of  times, although I think I should avoid the empire waist until I tone up a little around the middle or my board might get a nervous because there’s a hint of maternity about the top.

This pattern was McCalls 5662

I tried view C last summer and was less than impressed with the way it turned out. I wound up modifying it and eventually put it in a drawer and haven’t worn it since. I did like View E better so I thought I’d try it this time around.

In an attempt to avoid past mistakes, I bought a heavier, more structural (more expensive) stretch cotton) to start with. And it’s not that bad. The main issue I have with it could simply be that I don’t own a cover stitch machine and I’m not sure how I feel about the zig zag topstitching I had to do. I don’t think the tension was quite right because the top stitching stretched the neckline out a bit. I wish I’d taken the time to draft an interfaced facing instead – not that I do well with interfacing stretch fabric.

This is the outcome:

It’s not terrible, but I’m not entirely pleased either. And you can see where the hemming won’t stay turned to  the inside and instead flips out to reveal the serged edges.

If  I have time, I might just replace it with something made from one of the fabric pieces I bought a few days ago.

The flame coloured silky polyester looks really nice against the denim I have set aside for the SWAP skirt.



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