SWAP update: wadder

March 10, 2011

My serger and I are simply not getting along. I’m less than impressed with the outcome of the first SWAP item I’ve sewn. Luckily, I have only two stretch items planned.

I started with the sleeveless version of Butterick 5354.

I think my first problem is that the stretch jersey I ordered turned out to be a lot flimsier than I think the pattern is comfortable with. The pleating turned out to be fairly simple even though I’ve never done a pleated neckline before – it’s my new skill/feature for this SWAP item. Once the pleating was done, I figured I was pretty much home free. All I had to do was stitch it all together with the facing.

Well, the facing seems to be the problem. It won’t lay flat. I’ve tacked it in place and it still keeps rising up over the top of the neckline, like this:

If I have time before the end of April, I think I will try another version with some more structured stretch cotton because I’m just not happy with the results of this one.


  1. I’ve never had luck with facings on a style like that, with all the pleats – the weight of the fabric of the front seems to always pull it down. I even have a couple of RTW tops that do the same thing. Could you use a binding instead?

    • Sorry to not reply sooner. I’ve worn it around the house a few times (the fabric is sooo comfy) but the weight really does drag it down. Thanks for the binding suggestion. I will try that next time I find this fabric.

  2. […] how I struggled with a couple of wadders early on in the SWAP sewing phase? I had facing that wouldn’t stay hidden on Butterick 5354 and several issues with McCalls 5662 some of which I am inclined to blame on the […]

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