Stitching and Planning

November 10, 2010

Well, I spent last weekend getting the four bridesmaid dresses I’ve taken on sewn to the point where they can be tried on by the bridesmaids. In full nomadic seamstress style, I’m going to drive the dresses out to the nearby city where all of the bridesmaids live (except me) so I can do the fitting.

I am a little nervous about it since I made the dresses based solely on the measurements the bride sent me and the pattern she gave me was not designed for the incredibly stretchy lycra she chose for the dresses. Everyone’s dress is likely to be just a little bit too big (if not a lot too big) but luckily there are very few seams involved so altering them should be fairly easy once it becomes clear how the lycra affects the fit on each girl.

I will post about the sewing process, once the final alterations are done.

I am also working on a dress for my mother (it’s a surprise) and I am planning my SWAP for next year because I have decided to participate again.

So, not so much blogging, but lots of hours logged at the machine.


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