Steampunk Couple, Year One

November 2, 2010

So, my life has been busy enough lately that there was a major last minute crunch to get our Hallowe’en costumes done. As a result, we both think we can improve on them for future years.

That being said, I loved wearing mine.

I added trim and a flounce to the bustle skirt, made an under blouse using a peasant blouse pattern I’ve had for years, and I wore a bustier that I bought a few years back because I did not have time to make one.

Here’s my husband’s costume:

The vest is the only part of the costume I actually sewed myself. I made it from Butterick 3721. I would have loved to have made the whole thing from scratch but there just wasn’t time. The shirt and pants were purchased from a second hand clothing store.

The parts of the costume we would like to improve on are all of the add on pieces. Generally, these are metal bits so they’re hard to blend with fabric and involve soldering rather than sewing. This places them firmly outside of my skill area.

We faked them this year but we’d like to make them more authentic and better held together for next year.

Still, we had fun.


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