Sneak peak at Hallowe’en

October 16, 2010

So, last year I sewed Disney princess Hallowe’en costumes for my sister and her friends. They were going to give me photos so I could blog about the costumes but that never happened. This year, I just need to do costumes for my husband and me. We spent some time figuring out how we wanted to dress up (we’re going to a charity dance) and finally decided to go Steampunk.

I discovered the Steampunk aesthetic relatively recently and I’ve been fascinated by it ever since. My long love for all things Victorian transfers quite easily to an excitement over creating a Steampunk costume.

Naturally, the first thing I decided I needed was a bustle. I’ve never made a bustle skirt before and I wanted to keep it relatively simple as it is just a Hallowe’en costume. I made a basic A-line skirt out of some deep red taffeta- like fabric that was massively on sale. I used an old skirt pattern to make sure I proportioned it correctly.

I proceeded to attempt to drape the rest. I’ve never had a whole lot of success with draping and this was made more complicated by the fact that my sewing mannequin has no “legs” so I pinned the skirt to the mannequin well above the waistline and worked with it that way. I planned to do an elastic waistband anyway.

The bustle itself is about two metres of fabric gathered and tacked on to the back of the skirt. I then basted lengthwise down the fabric in five separate places and gathered the stitching to create the gathered look in the back typical of bustles.

Finally, I created the padded bustle by stitching organza together into a fan shaped bulk. I sewed it to the inside of the gathered fabric at the waistline and then pulled some of the fabric up under the bulk and stitched it in place, creating the bustle bulge.

Here’s the resulting skirt.

Looking at the picture, I think the skirt could probably benefit from a petticoat, but there is more to do costume wise yet for both myself and my husband so I may not get to it.

Oh and Burt, our second kitty, made it into this picture. He is clearly chasing stray threads.

More Hallowe’en to come.


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