A dawning realization

October 9, 2010

That is, other than the one where I realize I havenèt blogged in weeks. I have several half finished projects on the go and I need to stop and handle Hallowe`en costumes and some bridesmaid dresses first.

Image: Suat Eman, link below

I realized today though,, as I tracked down the last affordable pair of non skinny jeans in the land (or so I felt), that I should start tackling sewing jeans. I’ve sewn a denim skirt that I love and it became a staple of my summer wardrobe (pictures soon) but I have yet to tackle jeans. I’ve been content to do the RTW thing with jeans because denim is not the easiest stuff to sew, there’s a lot involved in sewing jeans, and I can generally find a pair I like and find to be flattering in a store so I haven’t bothered

. But I don’t like skinny jeans. It’s not just that I don’t find them flattering on me (they’re not) but I also find them uncomfortable in the way they cling and stylishy bunch up at the bottom. Skinny jeans were big when I was a kid and I did not start wearing jeans until they went out. When flares came in, I put a pair on (actually I think my first pair of jeans was the kind with the floral print on the cuff that was designed to be rolled up so the print was visible). I was delighted that flares, boot cut and straight legged pants have been the thing for so long.

I am sad if they are on their way out…but I still have my patterns so they’ll never be out for me.

Image: Suat Eman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


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