Wardrobe crisis

July 12, 2010

Yes, we’re still in the middle of a heatwave and I still have very little to wear to work.

I spent my evening trying to work on a polka dot jersey shirt using McCalls 5662 which I bought back during my no sew week. The results were less than I was hoping for.

My serger fought me every step of the way. I had to re-thread six times and I broke a needle.

I tried to make view C but was disappointed to discover that the waist tie was not a tie after all but just a decorative bit in the front of the shirt. I dislike the way it pulls the back part of the waistline forward so I think I will take it out and basically be left with view D. This may make it wearable.

If I try the shirt again I will want to use a heavier jersey because this one is structureless, and I will skip the waist twist in the pattern and make my own waist ties.

Tomorrow night will be pants.

Hopefully they’ll go better.


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