Stratford wardrobe complete

July 3, 2010

Well I finally finished the Poor Decisions dress. It was a challenge and it seemed to torture and mock me at every turn. It was too loose, and too long. Then the waist sections didn’t match up at the front and back. Oh, and then there was the moment I realized I’d put the zipper in backwards.

But it’s finally done. It’s one of the more complex dresses I’ve made for myself lately. It has more pieces and more fitting involved than some of the other stuff I’ve made.

I plan to wear it and a skirt I finished recently to the theatre today and tomorrow.

I am going here:

Last weekend I was carefully avoiding my city because it was full of world leaders, fences, and pumped up police expecting trouble. This weekend we’re off to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Hopefully there will be photos next week.


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