Breaking up with a style

June 15, 2010

 While a good chunk of my weekend was consumed by book club and an evening spent watching a friend not quite manage to consume a 72 ounce steak (advice for anyone contemplating this feat: don’t order it well done), I did get some sewing done, but I’m not too thrilled with the results.

For years I’ve said that I love the feel of fabric fluttering behind me. As a result I have sewn more than a couple of pairs of loose, flowing summery pants in my time and continue to be drawn to patterns of that type like Vogue 1186. So I expected to be quite happy with the pants I made.

I used an old New Look pattern to which I added pockets, cut it out, stitched it up… and was horrified when I put the finished product on my body. 

I felt the pants were big and square and made me look big and square. I tried to convince myself that I was wrong but I hated them even more yesterday and I’ve basically decided that there will be no photos of me in these pants unless I manage to fix them.

Apparently my love affair with loose flowing pants is over. I’ll see if I can get these more tailored before the summer is out. Then, you might get to see them.


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