Swap in Review #3: Black Blouse

May 17, 2010

My sketch:

The black blouse came into my head years ago. I wanted to make an empire waisted shirt with really big cuffs. I am discovering that I enjoy emphasizing particular aspects of an article of clothing when I sew. This time it was the cuffs.

Once again, I used a base pattern: Vogue 7934 which I previously used for one of the Montreal shirts. The part of the pattern I needed to work with most was the bodice.

As you can see, the darts and gathers were a little off. I cut out the pattern a little large and re-positioned the gathers in the front… … and the darts in the back.

This is the resulting blouse.

Unlike with the Montreal shirt, I made the rest of the shirt simple and single layered. I also used the straight sleeves rather than the flare ones and I cut them at the elbows so I could add the cuffs I drafted.  Then I stitched on  the buttons I found and really like.

I hope you like them too.


  1. Oh I love what you’ve done with this shirt. I was looking for reviews of the pattern and found your blog. (Just about to write my own review and was curious to see how others found the pattern.

    I followed the link to the Montreal Shirts too. They look great. I like the pattern sewn up as you did, and was amused by your story about the odd looks from your in-laws when you mentioned eloping.


  2. […] came up with two by Nomadic Stitches. This lovely “Montreal Shirt” in white: and this equally lovely black one (Love the sleeves!). That was enough […]

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