The not so exciting sale

May 14, 2010

While I’ve bought a lot of my fabric on my travels and quick  jaunts into the fashion district in the last couple of cities I’ve lived in, I still make fairly regular trips to my local chain fabric store particularly for my patterns, thread and notions. They were having a major sale recently and I went down eagerly with dreams of all sorts of fabulous new pieces to add to my stash and imagine all sorts of futures for.

I came home with some sale notions and one measly piece of fabric. Nothing else spoke to me. I find a major problem I have when I go fabric shopping is that I find the texture I need but not the colour, or the colour I need is in the wrong fabric. This time I found a horribly scratchy polyester in the colour I wanted and some lovely cotton twill in every colour but. Have any of you had this experience?

Ah well, the green suiting will become summer pants to go with the Vogue 1170 blouse I’m planning to make.

But first, a sneak peak at the costume I’m finishing this weekend. This is the stitchless part of it

… intrigued at all?


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