The return of the seamstress

December 3, 2009

Hello world!

So I started this blog 11 months ago and basically disappeared 3 weeks in. Many things have happened. Jobs were found, moving took place and life got rather hectic. Stupid real world and its crazy real needs. However, I continued to sew and I will now attempt to catch everyone up on what I have been sewing.

Once we moved to our new apartment, the first major bit of sewing I did was to make curtains to maintain our privacy from the prying eyes of the nosey neighbours… Actually I don’t have to worry too much about that because we live on the 21st floor, but we do have an eastern exposure so the bedroom curtains were made first to allow us to sleep in past five on a summer morning.

red bedroom curtain on a sunny day

We were going for a slight Japanese influence in the bedroom so my husband loved the idea of a red curtain. The added benefit is that it changed the morning sun from the glare of an interrogation lamp to a rosy warm glow that could bring us awake slowly.

It’s a basic flat curtain with a sleeve for the rod. I made it to fit the window closely enough that there would be no gathers and I made it a double layer for added sun blockage.

I was working on a budget and trying to use up my stash so the red fabric came from a discount pile at the local Fabricland and the second layer visible in the sun is part of an orange sari I got in India a few years ago. Since I generally don’t wear orange, this seemed to be the best use for it. The sari, however, was narrower than the window so I doubled it up. The middle seam shows in the sunlight but after dark and in the winter no one knows it’s there.

From the rosy red, we move to the soothingSewing room curtains sewing room/ workout room/ second bedroom. Mostly it’s a sewing room which excites me a great deal as it’s the first one I’ve ever really had. I tried to get fashionable and do Roman blinds. Since there is a large blue tapestry hanging on one of the walls in the room, I decided on blue for the curtains and bought the fabric at one of the more affordable fabric stores in the fashion district.

As we are going to be moving at the end of this lease and I knew this when I got to these curtains, I tried to do as little cutting as possible so that the fabric can be repurposed in our next place (we remain nomadic). I hemmed the edges, stitched a sleeve across the top for the rod and stitched the top layer in place. The next flap is held in place by four hook and eye closures attached to the underside of the top flap. This allows me to drop the bottom flap down into a flat panel to cover the whole window and keep the light out. On a sunny day, this means I can actually see the needle on my sewing machine. It will also be useful should we ever put guests in the room.

Kitchen curtains

I think I’m most proud of the kitchen curtains. I first tried to make curtains with tabs in my first apartment. There was an ugly old sheet hanging in the window when I moved in that I modified into a hideously uneven curtain. The tabs were all different sizes and I broke my machine needle before I was finished hemming it so it was partially hemmed by hand.

 I was slightly horrified when I wandered past that apartment a year after I graduated and discovered that that curtain still hung in the window

These ones I’m rather proud of though. The fabric came out of my stash and matches the kitchen fairly well. I was careful with my measurements and unhurried with my sewing. Since my major early sewing experiences involved making costumes for my highschool plays, I’ve always been a little slapdash in my style. One of my goals is to change my style and become a bit more of a sewing perfectionist. These curtains were really my first serious attempt at this new style.

see the pretty tabs

And I think it’s starting to show.





See you soon.

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