Free floral bag

January 20, 2009

I love bags. My mother refers to me as a bag lady although I know my bag collection is nowhere near as full as many people’s. I enjoy making dfferent bags for different purposes and this time I wanted to copy my travel bag which has served me well through the yearsmunster-statue-red-circle





I bought it in Germany in 2004nara-flags-red-circle




 and here it is in Nara, Japan in 2008

I enjoy the size of it as well as the number of pockets both zippered and not zippered. It’s great as a carry on an as a satchel for day trips, but its age is starting to show. I’ve already had to do some basic repairs and I never really liked the orange lining.


I realized that some fabric that was given to me two summers ago would be perfect for a copy of this bag. In the end, I don’t think I will entirely replace the old one with this one but it’s nice to have and I’m already using it a lot.



 I changed the angle of the front pocket zipper and chose the zippers from my mother’s old stash of zippers that she pulled out of old projects. I decided it would be cute if they contrasted rather than blended with the fabric. I embroidered the daisies on myself as well and I lined it with green fabric left over from a quilt I made last year.

I really like how it turned out…and it was free!!


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