A Jet Lagged New Year

January 3, 2009

It seems somehow appropriate to start off a sewing blog called Nomadic Stitches by announcing that I’m still somewhat jet-lagged. My husband and I returned to Canada from Japan last Monday and we’re still rearranging our internal clocks back to Eastern Standard Time.

I’ve been sewing for much of my life – one of my earliest projects was to create clothing for my sock pig modelled after the pigs in the Jillian Jiggs books by Phoebe Gilman. I then designed costumes for school plays in highschool and into university all the while trying to improve my sewing skills and increase the percentage of my home sewn wardrobe.

Over the past few years I’ve been a dedicated lurker in the online costuming and sewing community so I decided that this year I would start contributing to the knowledgebase instead of just benefitting from it.

I hope to get started as soon as my body re-establishes which way is up.

Stay tuned!


One comment

  1. I was viewing your “Trench Coat Sew Along” page. We have the same taste. We are a lot alike. I get inspiration from movies, commercials & even cartoons. Seeing some of my pattern purchases on you has encouraged me to start cutting them out. Sewing is more than a skill, it’s a passion. Thank you for sharing yours 🙂

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